“Strategic Investment in Chi Alpha Growth”

Special Forces

I have always been fascinated with Special Forces. The members of this exemplary group train for years to learn the skills needed to operate effectively when called upon. The relationships among them are vital to their success—they grow to honor and trust one another implicitly. They are so well versed in the strategy and purpose of the mission that they can adapt their tactics if they run into a problem and still get the job done.

Some of the characteristics of this amazing population are inspiring and helpful for us from which to learn. We work wholeheartedly to maintain healthy relationships across XA Nation—we know the Gospel flourishes and people best reflect God’s character in an environment of healthy relationships. We also want no campus missionary to ever feel alone on the field. We work hard to make sure our campus missionaries are qualified and so well versed in our mission and strategy that they can serve fruitfully to whatever kind of campus God has called them.

One aspect of the larger national team that works diligently at these endeavors is the Field Team, on which I have the privilege of serving. Along with Paul Austin (Pioneering Director), Delyn Cole (Coaching and Assessment Specialist), Jerry Gibson (Local Church Specialist), Mike Olejarz (Field Specialist) and eight exceptional Area Directors who lead from the field, our team works to make sure we have missionaries who are connected and qualified on campuses that are ripe for harvest.

Dream Big and Get ‘Er Done!

One of the greatest things about our team is that we get to dream great, big God-sized dreams and be the “get ‘er done” implementers. We envision what God may have for Chi Alpha, and work to see these dreams come to life. Here are a few of the things we are working on now:

  • Planting new ministries on campus – we are praying and working toward 80 more healthy Chi Alpha groups in the next five years.
  • Seeing the groups we currently have become developed in our Four Priorities of our Healthy Chi Alpha initiative.
  • Ensuring our missionaries are healthy and increase their ministry effectiveness through coaching and assessment.
  • Training local churches to effectively minister to university students on campus.

All of these aspects help us to live our mission, and with our Area Directors and the larger Chi Alpha team, we get to help make it happen.

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