Growing a Student Movement: Part One

Posted by Dennis Gaylor in Chi Alpha Connection and Student
Dennis had a front row seat researching and recording the initial steps that launched Chi Alpha in 1953. Hewas privileged to observe the development into a major student movement on campuses in the U.S. and globally into the twenty-first century. Calvin Holsinger and Chi Alpha students at Southwest Missouri State College. The 1950s Chi Alpha began when a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, Calvin Holsinger, was invited to teach history at a local college in Springfield, Missouri. He taught…

Chi Alpha Chronicles

Posted by William LeRoy in Chi Alpha Connection and Student
In May 2016, the Lord spoke prophetically through multiple credible sources that we were about to witnessthe greatest student awakening in history. The World Missions Summit 4 held later that year waspreparation for the awakening. Thousands gathered at the conference and 1,876 signed up to give a yearand pray about a lifetime. In my weekly director’s blog, I profile what God is doing in Chi Alpha and in mytravels around the nation visiting campuses and districts. I witness firsthand the…

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