Healthy Chi Alpha During COVID-19

Posted by E. Scott Martin in Chi Alpha Connection
National Chi Alpha has four critical areas that develop healthy Chi Alpha groups. These quadrants serve us in discipling university students to fulfill their purpose in God’s global plan, which are healthy leaders, disciple-making groups, Holy Spirit empowerment, and cross-cultural missions. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, they serve as a beacon to remind us in challenging times that our Kingdom priorities must not change. We desire the leadership of Chi Alpha at all levels to be healthy in body, soul, and…

Going with Joy

Posted by Brian Hargett in Chi Alpha Connection, Cross-Cultural Missions, Expeditions, and Student
Students going on mission is an outcome of healthy discipleship. The primary reason going is an outcome of healthy discipleship is because Spirit-filled disciples are joy-filled disciples (Acts 13:52, Gal 5:22). True joy cannot be contained. Tim Dearborn, author of Beyond Duty: A Passion for Christ, A Heart for Mission, says we shouldn’t be motivated by “bad news of sad problems” because we have experienced “good news of great joy.” We are tasked with making disciples who believe in the…

Growing in Health and Multiplying Ministries

Posted by Paul Austin in Chi Alpha Connection
Driving down a dirt road past a field of golden wheat swaying in the wind always inspires me. When E. Scott Martin shares the next prophetic confirmation of the coming awakening, this is often the picture I see in my mind. We are in the process of preparing for a harvest, which is why pioneering new chapters and creating health among existing chapters is one of our top priorities. Our work to expand Chi Alpha on 400 campuses in five…

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