All In, a support raising coaching program for ethnic minority missionaries, changed my outlook on support raising and made me believe I could be fully funded. Before All In, I was only at 35 percent of my monthly budget. I started raising support May 14 and by July 3, I was fully funded.

We had weekly group coaching calls, which were a safe space for me to be myself and air some of my fears because it was a community of minority missionaries who faced some of the same obstacles I have faced. It was also extremely helpful and inspiring to have fully funded people of color in the group who were able to give us sound advice. My support raising coach, Steve Lehmann, changed the game for me. He gave me ideas that I never thought of before and gave me faith I could reach one hundred percent.

Because of All In, I was able to go back to my staff team at the University of Mississippi and teach them what I had learned. I am also able to inspire others to get out there and raise their support. Most importantly, my coaching group pushed me into the heart of Jesus like never before. The depth of surrender I learned in this group still astounds me, and I don’t know where I would be if I had not been a part of this group. For that, I am eternally grateful.

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