After over forty years of contribution to California State University-Stanislaus, Chi Alpha was derecognized as a student organization in September 2014. The derecognition was ordered and Chi Alpha was kicked off the campus when they refused to accept a policy that denied the local group the right to choose its leaders based on whether they believed in our mission and were Christian.

This issue quickly became national news and Chi Alpha under the guidance of Becket Law stepped into the forefront of the battle for religious liberty on the secular university. In an environment embedded in the doctrine of tolerance, it took courage to step up and defend Chi Alpha in light of the potential backlash. Bianca Travis, CSU-Stanislaus Chi Alpha’s student president, came forth with valor and rallied other Chi Alpha students in defense of the ministry.

Bianca went to Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. and shared the dilemma of being discriminated against with select congressional leaders. She had the courage to be interviewed live for Fox and Friends where she became the face of religious liberty on the secular university. Following her efforts, the California State University System worked with Chi Alpha to enable the local group to be back on campus.

Bianca’s willingness to testify to truth in a very challenging time led to significant change that has served Chi Alpha nationally as well as all religious student organizations on the secular university.

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