The final stage of diversity development is Transformation: The multitudes of Revelation 7 are not just some individuals who gathered to sing songs and live moral lives. They have come out of the great tribulation. History tells us much of the sufferings of the early church and their commitment to live out the ethic of the Kingdom and to call others to do so as well. Saint Telemachus is remembered for ending the gladiatorial games at the cost of his own life.

Living the Sermon on the Mount was rarely understood or well received in the ancient world, not to mention modern times. But the consistent manifestation of true agape changed the world. Throughout history, many have suffered and given their lives working against injustices such as infanticide, slavery, and widow burning, to name a few. It is interesting to compare the work of early Christians who had no voice or power in their society and so expressed their opposition to infant exposure, by raising these children themselves to those of William Carey and William Wilberforce who worked for legal changes. What are the areas of injustice present on your campus in desperate need of our Father’s Kingdom?

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