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Welcome to Chi Alpha’s Church Partnership Initiative.

Is there a college campus near your church? Many Assemblies of God churches are located near a college or university campus, and they wonder how to reach the students who live right in their back yard. A church may have a vision and resources to reach and disciple students—they simply need the training to be fruitful. Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, U.S.A. now has a proven way to train church staff/volunteers to assist them in engaging the campus and eventually launching a church-sponsored Chi Alpha ministry. You and your church can start now!

Next Steps

#1: Lay the Foundation: Prayer

  • Pray both on and off campus.
  • Enlist others to pray.
  • Organize specific prayer focus times.
  • Pray for workers with passion to reach students.
  • Pray for faculty and administration.
  • Pray for open doors of opportunity to connect.
  • Pray for disciples to be made.
  • Pray for students you know by name.
  • Pray for other believers and ministries on campus.

Here is a guide for prayer walking.

#2: Do your Homework: Decode the Campus

  • What is the student population and make up?
  • What degree programs are offered?
  • Who are the gatekeepers? Department of Student Life.
  • What is required to form a Recognized Student Organization (RSO)?
  • What is God doing already? (other campus ministry groups)

Here is a list of questions to ask.

#3: Identify a Worker/Leader: Keep Growing

  • Do they/you have a love for Jesus/devotional life?
  • Do they/you have godly character?
  • Do they/you have some college experience (degree preferred)?
  • Do they/you have ministry experience and are biblically literate?

#4: Start a Simple Process: Begin to Minister

  • Discover spiritual interest
  • Simple discipleship
  • Gather for community
  • Train leaders
  • Develop strategies

#5: Get Training and Charter with Chi Alpha

  • Apply to be a Campus Missionary-in-Training (CMIT) or go through New Director Training.


Click here for a digital copy of Chi Alpha and the Local Church to understand more about Chi Alpha and the local church relationship.

What is the Reach the University Institute

Find out here what campuses in my area have no know gospel witness.

Learn more about New Director Training (NDT) below.

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