We want to see every Chi Alpha giving to missionaries and mission projects beyond the
money that they raise for their trips. Consider supporting a missionary monthly or taking
on a special giving project every semester. Check out our giving ideas section and begin
implementing something today.

Why We Give

We give because Scripture teaches us to give. God has blessed us to be a blessing.
When we understand this, our thinking will shift from “How much do I have to give?”
to “How much do I get to give?” Our ability to give may vary depending on the season
we are in, but each person can do something. When we begin to see giving as a privilege
rather than an obligation then we will begin to see God take our resources, however
big or small they may seem, and use them to touch the nations. We get to be a part of
something bigger than ourselves by our giving.

We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.



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