AGWM Team Process

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  • The AGWM online process is where you will complete mandatory assumption of risk forms and purchase insurance.
  • When you complete the AGWM process, you will receive an email from [email protected] with the subject “Trip Request Approved.” Forward that final approval email to [email protected].
    • Should you have questions or concerns, communicate with your AGWM team specialist directly. Should you need additional assistance, please email [email protected].

U.S. Missions Overseas Travel Approval

All AGUSM account holders (CMIT, MAs, and nationally appointed) on the team are required to obtain AGUSM approval in order to travel overseas. AGUSM asks for this approval to happen at least one month prior to departure.

  • A U.S. Missions Overseas Travel Form will be emailed to each account holder listed on the team sheet.  (You can also download the form here.) Each account holder will complete and email that form to [email protected]. Chi Alpha will obtain AGUSM approval for you.
  • The AGWM online application process must be completed and insurance paid for before U.S. Missions approval will be granted.

Please email [email protected] if you cancel your trip or add any AGUSM account holders to your trip.

Thanks for leading!

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