In years past men and women of God were often called deeper into missions involvement as they read their Bibles and the biographies of missionaries like William Carey, Amy Carmichael, Hudson Taylor or John G Paton. It’s important that we expose students to missionaries of the past through the printed page. However, imagine the impact of introducing students to great missionaries of the present by leveraging the wonders of communication today. This is one reason we created the Virtual We Live Missions Experience.

The Virtual We Live Missions Experience has three components: Abiding, Experiences, and Missionary Engagement. We have designed this so that Chi Alpha “team” leaders and AGWM “hosts” can collaborate to create something that works for your capacity, context, and calendar. Below are descriptions of each component and suggestions for implementation.

Budget: Cost set by you and host missionaries for experiences and giving plus $20 per person to national Chi Alpha Expeditions (includes a We Live Missions T-shirt, a Marvels & Miracles in Missions magazine, and other resources that we will ship to each team member).

Click this link to view the Chi Alpha Team Leader Guide.
Click this link to view engagement ideas for hosts.
Click this link to view a YouTube playlist of resources including abiding videos and more.

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