Recommendations Prior to Travel:

  1. Ask the International Student Office if there are any documents you may need to travel prior to missions trips.
  2. Get a letter from registrars office (same document that international students need to get a driver’s license). This is a letter with university letterhead,
    1. Saying that the international student is currently enrolled in classes at your university,
    2. And if applicable, will be taking classes the following semester if have already registered.
  3. Make sure student has a current, valid passport, visa (this is what immigration looks at to make sure they are allowed to come into the country) along with a current and valid I-20 (a form that allows them to stay in the U.S as student).
  4. Ask the student to find out from their consulate if they need any visa to travel to the specific country for the missions trip.

A website you can go to whether you are an international student or an American, if you need to know if you need a visa for a country:

This is just a portal for information and not recommended by Chi Alpha as a website to get your visa. Apply for the visa you need for entry into a country from the consulate/embassy of the country you may want to enter. Do this at least three months prior to the trip.

For more info on terms, documents and visas related to international students go to and

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