Every Student Prays!

We want every Chi Alpha to be praying for missionaries around the world and for the nations and people groups within the nations. Find creative ways to include prayer for missionaries and people groups into your services, small groups, etc. Check out our prayer ideas section, missionary of the month and nation of the month.

Praying for the nations is an awesome opportunity to partner with God. We can ask Him what he is up to in the world and ask him how we can fit in with that. We don’t have to give into a sense of purposelessness because we can be a part of what God is doing around the world, through prayer.

There are some things God will not do even if you ask (e.g., destroy the world by rain), then there are some things God will do even if you don’t ask (e.g., the sunrise), but in the middle there is a huge gap and God says I will do this if my people will pray!

–Paul York

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