These books were recommended by Chi Alpha staff for HBCU ministers.

Reading While Black, Dr. Esau McCaulley
Recommended by: Belkis Lehmann

Dr. McCaulley answers questions HBCU students are asking using some excellent Biblical exegesis and historical perspectives of the Black church. This book will give you a much needed Black perspective. 

Urban Apologetics, Dr. Eric Mason
Recommended by: Raydon Haskins

This book is focused on cults, religious groups, and ethnocentric ideologies prevalent in the black church. There are discussions on the unique context for urban apologetics so that one can better understand the cultural arguments against Christianity among the Black community. Area, state, and local directors need to equip themselves with the vital information in this book. 

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary
Recommended by: Belkis Lehmann

The history of African Americans in our country is one rife with trauma. What do these repeated trauma, endured generation after generation by a people produce? What impact have these ordeals had on African Americans today? This book answers these questions. It will give you a very needed perspective and help you understand the Black community much better. 

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