• All references must be submitted by April 1.

  • As a courtesy, we will send the applicant a notification email once your reference is submitted. He or she will not see the reference itself.
  • We will send a copy of the reference to the CMIT director of the applicant’s first choice program. The first choice program is mentioned in the email sent to you, so please refer to that to fill in this field.
  • Instructions: The above named applicant is applying for a ten-month, Campus Missionary-in-Training (CMIT) internship program with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, U.S.A. and is asking for a reference from you. Your frank evaluation is appreciated.
  • Evaluation

  • How would you rate the applicant in the following qualities using the following key to evaluate? Please comment.
    1 = No Observation
    2 = Below Average
    3 = Average
    4 = Very Good
    5 = Exceptional

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