Chi Alpha Campus Ministries exist to reconcile students to Christ—transforming the university, the marketplace, and the world. Transforming the world requires transformed missionaries. This is the purpose of the Chi Alpha Missionary-in-Training Internship. Through a program focused on theological studies, ministry skills acquisition, and personal mentoring from staff to intern. Missionaries will develop the character, capacity, team chemistry, Chi Alpha culture, and competencies needed to reconcile students to Christ.

Regarding theological studies, our goal is to establish habits for personal biblical studies, as well as theological round tables and classes to grow in biblical literacy.

To enable ministry skills acquisition, interns will have the opportunity to live out what they are learning as they participate in small group leading, preaching labs, campus evangelism, administration, cross-cultural ministry, and other skills that will grow them personally and the ministry collectively.

Concerning pastoral mentoring, interns will have consistent opportunities to meet with their pastoral supervisor for debriefing, discipling, and direction.

Through this process, we will transform missionaries who will transform the world.

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