Pioneering Boot Camps are the training ground for pioneering missionaries held across the country and strategically walk a pioneer through applying the thirteen skills of the Ridley assessment listed above.


God began to stir our hearts with fresh vision for more strategic outreach and evangelism on the campus we serve as directors. We cast vision over our leaders’ retreat and launched a yearlong endeavor to reach a few sub-populations on campus more strategically through our small group communities.

My husband and I continued to pray and ask God how we could more clearly communicate this vision and how we could focus, fine-tune, and implement these missional communities on a much larger scale. One major way God answered our prayer was through an invitation to learn from Paul Austin about campus ministry pioneering.

I learned so much in those two days of listening to Paul. Particularly though, he led a session on how to cast vision well. We ran through exercises, watched videos on those who did well in this department, and practiced how to cast vision. Later that week, Paul taught on strategic outreach to sub-populations on campus ministries. He led us in a few exercises on meeting and finding core needs for each community and using those needs as a platform for outreach, evangelism, and ministry strategy. As we closed our time with Paul, God confirmed and answered many of our questions through this boot camp, while also fine-tuning some much-needed vision casting skills.

This year, we are reaping the fruits of all that God was teaching us and moving us to do. Our small group communities are growing each week, so much so we are now working to form new strategies for small groups that are no longer small! We are seeing salvations weekly in our small groups and our large group meeting. God is on the move!

– Anthony and Michelle Saladino, Virginia Tech Chi Alpha Directors

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