Matt Herman

LDT Director

The LDT Director facilitates the expansion of Chi Alpha’s mission through the training, coaching, and developing of directors and pioneering teams during Lead Director Training.

Delyn Cole

Coaching and Support Raising Training Director

The coaching and support raising training director works alongside Chi Alpha’s certified coaches and support raising trainers to raise up fully funded, effective, and healthy missionaries.

Paul Austin

Pioneering Director

Paul has served as a Chi Alpha missionary since 1990 on campuses in Montana and Idaho and five years as the Big Sky area director. Currently Paul serves as the national pioneering director and directs the New Director Training Program. Paul spends his time training and coaching leaders, developing pioneering strategies. When out of the office is chasing down golf balls on his favorite golf courses. Paul and Jenny live in Springfield, MO with their youngest son Thomas. Their regular adventures include hiking, a little fishing and a lot of Andy’s custard.


Jerry Gibson

Local Church Specialist

Jerry Gibson serves on the national field team as point person for church-sponsored Chi Alpha ministries. Jerry has spent his adult life serving others. He and his wife Gwen served 24 years as missionaries, building ministry teams in Mexico, United States and Spain. Jerry’s passion has always been to help people grow and fully engage in their God-given purpose. He has serve four years as campus pastor at Horizon Community Church in Tualatin, OR. He is a certified facilitator for transformational leadership with Ford Taylor. Jerry holds a Masters of Science in Administrative Studies from Missouri State University and a BA from Northwest University in Kirkland, WA.

Jerry enjoys riding motorcycle, playing golf, and hunting big game.


Mike Olejarz

National Field Specialist

Mike has served as a missionary with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries since 1982. He directed Chi Alpha at Ohio University from 1982-1990, served on the first national staff team as the eastern U.S. director from 1990-1995, wrote the first support raising materials in 1991, directed Chi Alpha in Boston, MA and Southern New England from 1996-2011, and rejoined national Chi Alpha leadership in 2011. He has been married to Barbara since 1982 and they have two adult children, Sarah and Josh. Mike enjoys golf, biking, and racquetball, reading Jack Reacher books by Lee Child, Spiderman comics, and watching The Profit on CNBC.


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