Lead Director Training is for two primary people: the new director and the director in need of fresh leadership training. For the new director, many backgrounds are possible. LDT is designed to help those coming up through Chi Alpha, whether finishing a CMIT or a long time staff member. LDT also serves those with ministry experience outside of Chi Alpha. Whether pioneering a campus or taking over as a new director of an existing chapter, Lead Director Training is designed to prepare you to build teams that disciple students on whatever campus God is placing before you. 

For those directors who have been leading a Chi Alpha chapter but need retraining, LDT will help sharpen leadership skills and provide the necessary steps to move forward. It is common for leaders to need a moment to reflect upon where they’ve been, as well as be reminded of the simple steps toward effective ministry. Courage is often confidence in the face of uncertainty, resistance, and/or turmoil. Encouragement is the building up of that confidence that has waned. LDT can be a source of encouragement for those who have faced significant challenges on campus. 

If you are not sure if LDT is for you, contact Matt Herman.

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