Follow the steps below in order to complete your Missionary Application. Once you have completed “Your Part” we will complete ours! Thanks for applying and we will get back with you soon!

Your Part!

  1. Complete and Save the New Affiliate Application Form as a PDF including your First and Last name in the saved file: e.g. “DevonJackson.pdf”
  2. Complete and Save all of the following Account Holder Forms that apply to your family
    1. Primary Account Holder Form
    2. Spouse Form (If Applicable)
  3. Complete the Required Photo Release Form
  4. Submit All of the Required files to the secure Submit Files Form as pdf’s or jpeg’s
    1. Files Required:
      1. Photo ID
      2. Social Security Card (front only)

Our Part…

  1. Review your submitted application and make sure we don’t have any questions. If we have a question, one of our team members will contact you via email or phone depending on what needs to be clarified.
  2. Communicate with your local AG District per AG US Missions protocols
  3. Communicate with your Chi Alpha Area Director, Chi Alpha District Director, and if needed your local pastor.
  4. After all of our team has reviewed your Application, a follow up email will be sent providing each applicant their status moving forward!

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