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This page provides a teaching resource for those recently baptized in the Holy Spirit: a series of 56 weekly emails and all 56 emails on audio. The teacher of this series, Dick Schroder, became a disciple of Jesus through the witness of Chi Alpha in 1973 at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. Instead of pursuing his degree in electrical engineering, the Lord redirected Dick into campus ministry where he served as a campus missionary for 30 years. During those decades, hundreds of students received the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

The concept of an e-mail follow-up teaching and the audio version emerged from questions asked by students newly baptized in the Holy Spirit. As I taught at retreats and conferences, I started sending out weekly instructive emails to nurture growth in learning to operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Each short email or audio builds sequentially with instruction plus inspiring stories of people operating in each of the nine supernatural gifts of the Spirit. You can sign up for what has developed into a year-long teaching series. Welcome aboard!

Dick Schroder went to be with the Lord in 2021.

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Episode 1: The Journey Begins

Episode 2: Speaking In Tongues Is Like Charging Your Cell Phone

Episode 3: I Faced The Spiritual Battle of Doubt

Episode 4: Speaking In Tongues Means Praying With God’s Infinite Intellect

Episode 5: You Have A Fire Hydrant Of Living Water Flowing Through You

Episode 6: You Can Learn To Prophecy

Episode 7: Mastering The Art of Silence

Episode 8: Stocking Your Spiritual Pantry

Episode 9: Faith Involves Taking Risks

Episode 10: Dilemma-I Can’t Understand What I Pray

Episode 11: I Feel Awkward Praying In Tongues

Episode 12: How Do I Know If God Wants Me To Express A Spiritual Gift

Episode 13: Is That Really You, God?

Episode 14: Learning to Catch the Wind of the Spirit

Episode 15: Avoiding the Trap of Pride

Episode 16: Submission to Leaders Reveals Spiritual Pride

Episode 17: Tongues-A Key to Unlocking Father’s Dream For Your Life

Episode 18: Are you Walking by Faith or by Sight?

Episode 19: The Nine Spiritual Gifts

Episode 20: Common Questions about Speaking in Tongues

Episode 21: The Public Gift of Tongues

Episode 22: Interpretation of Tongues Illustrated

Episode 23: The Dancing Hand of God

Episode 24: Dick Describes his First Interpretation of Tongues

Episode 25: God Speaks to Me in Ideas Rather than Words

Episode 26: What if my Church doesn’t Accept Speaking in Tongues

Episode 27: The Holy Spirit Changed me from a Shy Introvert into a Bold Disciple

Episode 28: The Holy Spirit Transformed my Insecurity into Sincere Love

Episode 29: A Day in the Life of the First Century Church

Episode 30: Paul Personally Valued Speaking in Tongues

Episode 31: You too can Prophesy

Episode 32: Prophesy Urges Us On

Episode 33: Your Faith to Prophesy can Increase

Episode 34: Prophesy the Unmistakable Sign of God’s Global Outpouring

Episode 35: Ask Jesus to Give You a Word of Knowledge

Episode 36: The Word of Knowledge Reveals the Barrier to Receiving Holy Spirit Baptism

Episode 37: You Are God’s Power Conduit in Disguise

Episode 38: The Word of Wisdom Illustrated

Episode 39: I Learned the Painful Lesson of Disobeying Jesus by Ignoring a Word of Wisdom

Episode 40: Supernatural Wisdom Given to a Group of Fleeing Refugees

Episode 41: Don’t Communicate the Attitude I am Better Than You

Episode 42: Discerning of Spirits – What is the Source?

Episode 43: The Gift of Discernment Opens our Eyes

Episode 44: We Live in Both a Visible and Invisible World

Episode 45: God’s Healing Hand

Episode 46: Supernatural Healing Elevates Jesus

Episode 47: You Will Live with Herpes for the Rest of Your Life

Episode 48: Surprised by the Gift of Faith

Episode 49: A Gift of Faith Helped Ivan Elude the Secret Police

Episode 50: Miraculous Deliverance from Attackers

Episode 51: I saw Arrows in a Warrior’s Heart

Episode 52: God Provided Coal During the Economic Depression

Episode 53: Spiritual Language can be a Supernatural Sign to Unbelievers

Episode 54: Before we Kill and Eat you

Episode 55: How to be Continually Filled with the Holy Spirit

Episode 56: Acts:29 – You are a Part of God’s Unfolding Story

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