Chi Alpha Scholarship Funding for Counseling

What the Chi Alpha Scholarship Fund can provide: In response to the need for assisting our affiliates in quality, professional, Christian Counseling Care we’ve partnered with our friends at MCO (MyCounselor.Online) to provide funding for counseling in a preventative effort, as well as when crisis hits!  

  • The preventative effort comes in the form of an offer for Career Missionaries to receive up to $600 once every four years to complete at renewal a “Healthy Leader Checkup,” which is not so much a set program, but an opportunity to have an MCO counselor work with you and your family, allowing you to determine the who, what, when, where, and how you would like to receive your counseling sessions. It’s all incredibly convenient, online, and is top-notch quality counsel from Biblically-centered Christian counselors under the oversight of Josh Spurlock, founder and director of MCO.  (Note: Career Missionaries are Appointed General Missionaries, Career Missionary Associates, and District-Appointed equivalents.)
  • The crisis care counseling is there for all Chi Alpha affiliates providing up to $500 per incident (if qualified as a crisis by our staff care specialist—speak to a CareGiver to learn more).

Other counseling options that you pay for:

General Counseling: Even if you don’t qualify for the Chi Alpha scholarship funding, we encourage you to reach out to MCO for your counseling needs. Everyone can get the MCO scholarship pricing of $0 for their first session, then up to five more sessions at $55 per session.  Just call their receptionist at 855-755-3797 or click the button below for more information.

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