During my freshmen year in college, I was persuaded to attend my first retreat with Chi Alpha. This retreat provided me with an atmosphere for extended times of worship that allowed me to go deep into loving Jesus and yield to the flow of the Holy Spirit without my daily distractions.

That was many years ago, but the encounter I had then drastically challenged and changed my life forever. It is because of that encounter that makes me a strong advocate to the influence of the retreats and conferences that Chi Alpha offers.

The dynamics of getting away from one’s regular routine and spending it gathered with other believers for extended times of teaching, worship, prayer, and fellowship can more often than not provide an openness to the supernatural work of God in a believer’s life and spiritual growth. It is not uncommon to hear students testify how God was able to get their attention, speak to them, and supernaturally transform their lives while at one of these events.

Fall and spring retreats or winter conferences such as SALT provide this environment for genuine encounters with God that forever transform their lives. It definitely did mine and it has given me the passion to see more students have these kinds of experiences in Chi Alpha.  

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