Stop. Lament First.

Posted by Belkis Lehmann in Diversity
View the original article here. “What’s going on in our world? What’s happening? It seems to be coming apart at the seams.” These are some of the thoughts I hear from people these days. We see civil unrest, demonstrations, and riots. There is a lot of anger on all sides. How should the church respond? Should we jump in with the anger, the rhetoric, the violence? Should we strategize, problem solve, and work at finding solutions? Should we educate ourselves…

George Floyd Is the American Story We All Need to Learn

Posted by Lashawndra Lucas in Diversity and Student
View the original article here. In the aftermath of the horrific murder of George Floyd, I have been praying and processing a lot of thoughts. So far, I’ve come to this: We have a lot to learn. We have a lot to learn about America, about the black experience in America, about each other. And many of us have a lot to unlearn, which is really hard work, but…(insert any one of dozens of pithy sayings about how hard work…

Partner in Life

Posted by Belkis Lehmann in Diversity
Life. This is what Jesus came to bring. He clearly states in John 10:10, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” God is a God of life. He is a giver of life from first to last. He created Adam and Eve and breathed life into them. He sent his Son that we do not perish but have “eternal life.” Not a life that we get after death, but a life that cannot…

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