Hearts Stirred for New York

Posted by Matthew Sprenger in News
The cell phone video was grainy and too brightly lit. A solitary face filled the screen as then-District Chi Alpha Representative David Hertweck stated simply and clearly looking directly at the lens, “There are over a million college students in New York, and we don’t have a single Chi Alpha missionary.” The room, full of Northeast staff, grew quiet afterward, but an obvious stirring of hearts began that day in the summer of 2016 at Northeast Incite, our annual staff…

Chi Alpha Day 2018

Posted by Ira Cole in News
The last Sunday of September across the Assemblies of God is Chi Alpha Day, a day set aside by our fellowship to increase awareness for campus ministry and to pray for awakening on our college campuses across America! You can spread the word about Chi Alpha individually or at your church by posting the images and video provided in the promo kit on group and personal social media outlets. Encourage your local church to get involved in Chi Alpha Day,…

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