Staying Healthy in an Unhealthy Situation

Posted by Josh Spurlock in Chi Alpha Connection, Healthy Leaders, and Student
The pandemic has altered the way we have lived in the past year and forced us to come face-to-face with a reality that many thought would quickly blow over. Daily routines were traded for new ones or simply having a lack of routine became typical. In the midst of this, it’s important to continue to care for your overall health and well-being. Being in a crisis like this one brings on grief; things that were possible may no longer be…

Testimony: Encountering God on Zoom

Posted by Melanie Lynch in Chi Alpha Connection and Student
The pandemic may have slowed down the pace of life when things shut down last year, but it hasn’t slowed down the work of the Holy Spirit. In January 2020, a University of California, Santa Cruz student named August, reached out to her friend, Naar, hoping to share with her about Jesus, but it wasn’t until May that Naar came to her first online small group with August. During one of these online small groups several months later, Naar was…

Your Will be Done

Posted by The National Chi Alpha Ministry Center in Student
By Yale Chi Alpha Student Katherine Matsukawa I pray that I will decrease and that you will increase. Use me, Lord.Your will be done.  Growing up, whenever I heard someone pray these words, I’d typically think, good for them…but I could never pray those things sincerely. Why would I want to “decrease”? When wouldn’t I ever want things to go my way? Why would I want to be used for a purpose not my own?  Looking back, I realize that my…

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