The hero of Chi Alpha is the local student leader who disciples more student leaders.

When your entire population changes every four years, the discipleship commission of Matthew 28 is not a luxury to consider but a mission to be had. Chi Alpha must have student leaders replicate new student leaders before they graduate, otherwise our movement regresses.

For decades, training new student leaders to reach the campus has taken place on campus and in person. But this year tradition was jeopardized by a global pandemic closing university doors, limiting group size, and making social lives distant. Can Chi Alpha protect its future by training new student leaders to reach the campus while being disconnected from campus? When a movement is convinced the Great Commission of discipleship is neither circumstantial nor optional, the only answer is yes.

Leadership Training Class GO (LTC GO) was built as a solution to training student leaders in a sheltered world. Through video, audio, and literature formats, students are enabled to learn discipleship convictions and practices. With access to all the material at once, students can learn at their own pace. Staff check the progress of their students and follow up with the material they are learning via questions answered by the students.

LTC GO has become a tremendous tool preparing students to go out and make disciples with training accessible from anywhere at any time.

We truly believe this resource is an innovative idea that will outlast this pandemic, blessing Chi Alpha for decades to come.

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