XAi Leadership Intensive Training

Posted by Cynthia Dobbs in Chi Alpha Connection, Cross-Cultural Missions, Training, and XAi
The inaugural XAi Leadership Intensive Training (XAi LIT) launched successfully June 1, 2020. When COVID-19-related social distancing made the historic All Nations international student conference impossible, an online training that would inspire, empower, and train internationals was designed. This training ran over the course of six weeks with students attending online classes and weekly Bible studies where they gained experience in leading a Bible study. Each student was assigned a coach to help them navigate through the unique challenges faced…

Leadership Training Class

Posted by Alex Rodriguez in Chi Alpha Connection, Student, and Training
The hero of Chi Alpha is the local student leader who disciples more student leaders. When your entire population changes every four years, the discipleship commission of Matthew 28 is not a luxury to consider but a mission to be had. Chi Alpha must have student leaders replicate new student leaders before they graduate, otherwise our movement regresses. For decades, training new student leaders to reach the campus has taken place on campus and in person. But this year tradition…

Student Testimony: Taylor Cruz

Posted by The National Chi Alpha Ministry Center in Chi Alpha Connection, Student, and Training
In 2015, I graduated university and worked with the New Mexico State University Chi Alpha group for two years before enrolling in the Campus Missionary-in-Training (CMIT) internship. As a result, I have the unique perspective of doing campus missions with and without having completed a CMIT internship. I grew more in one year of the CMIT internship than the previous two years combined. That is not to say I neglected reading or seeking Jesus’ face, but the internship was structured…

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