After the worst summer of her life, Bethany Baldwin decided her sophomore year at Northern Arizona University to find a place where God could heal her broken heart and found an old Chi Alpha flyer she was given. Hungry for God and for community, she knew just from the piece of paper that Chi Alpha was the place to be. The first service Bethany attended changed her life. She quickly got connected with a small group and began reading the Bible on her own.

Determined to attend grad school, she toured several campuses but didn’t feel God confirming her decision. At a West Coast SALT conference, she realized God had a different plan for her life: campus ministry.

She began raising support and preparing to move 2,000 miles to do her internship in Raleigh, North Carolina, but support raising proved to be a significant challenge. Bethany is from the Navajo reservation and never attended church growing up.

Most of her support initially came from other Chi Alpha friends. Struggling to finish her budget in time to begin the internship, her campus pastor told her about the Minority Mobilization Fund (MMF). After applying and being approved to receive funds, Bethany’s needs were met!

Today she directs the XAi program at Northern Arizona University. She also has a heart for seeing Chi Alpha established in Las Vegas. This past Spring she led the first prayer team to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where some doors are beginning to open. As she continues the work God has a called her to do, Bethany also gives back to the MMF knowing that those resources can help more missionaries fulfill their call.

The MMF connects minority missionaries to their calling through anchor level support during their intern year. Not only does it help them raise their full budget, but it also instills a confidence that they can lead a lifetime of campus missions and are valuable to our movement. Thank you for supporting the MMF!

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