Living Missions Virtually

Posted by Melanie Lynch in Chi Alpha Connection, Cross-Cultural Missions, Expeditions, and Student
Chicago Chi Alpha students from Northwestern University, Loyola University, and Columbia College went on a mission trip to Eurasia but never once stepped foot overseas. Rather than boarding a plane with passport in hand, the team participated in a three-day virtual trip through the Virtual We Live Missions Experience, whichwas put in place last year after COVID-19 shut down travel. The experience is designed with three components—abiding, experiences, and missionary engagement—so Chi Alpha team leaders and Assemblies of God World…

Testimony: Encountering God on Zoom

Posted by Melanie Lynch in Chi Alpha Connection and Student
The pandemic may have slowed down the pace of life when things shut down last year, but it hasn’t slowed down the work of the Holy Spirit. In January 2020, a University of California, Santa Cruz student named August, reached out to her friend, Naar, hoping to share with her about Jesus, but it wasn’t until May that Naar came to her first online small group with August. During one of these online small groups several months later, Naar was…

Healthy Chi Alpha During COVID-19

Posted by E. Scott Martin in Chi Alpha Connection
National Chi Alpha has four critical areas that develop healthy Chi Alpha groups. These quadrants serve us in discipling university students to fulfill their purpose in God’s global plan, which are healthy leaders, disciple-making groups, Holy Spirit empowerment, and cross-cultural missions. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, they serve as a beacon to remind us in challenging times that our Kingdom priorities must not change. We desire the leadership of Chi Alpha at all levels to be healthy in body, soul, and…

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