Ebbs and Flows of Ministry

Posted by E. Scott Martin in Chi Alpha Connection and Student
The university is always in flux. As new students enter each year, seniors graduate, sports seasons transition, and beloved teams rise and fall. This continuum of transition results in a culture shift to which Chi Alpha must be responsive. Our message doesn’t shift, but the way we package and speak it most certainly does. As we are all acutely aware, on March 11, 2020 a global pandemic was declared due to the COVID-19 global coronavirus outbreak. University and college campuses…

Testimony: COVID-19 at Yale Chi Alpha

Posted by Sarah Malcolm in Chi Alpha Connection and Student
When the arrival of COVID-19 resulted in students moving home and courses going online, opportunities for face-to-face ministry ceased to exist.How do you measure the life change you’ve become accustomed to seeing in person when everyone has become a square in a box on a screen? Yale Chi Alpha made the same commitment as our brothers and sisters across the nation—to love students regardless of limiting parameters. That resulted in a Tuesday Night Live (TNL) online worship service core groups…

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