“I just talked to a live one!” When Ronnie told me this yesterday in the office, it felt like an invitation to ask more questions. Ronnie explained to me she had just talked to a 16-year-old student named Bradyn who is dual enrolled in high school and at his local community college. Bradyn wanted to learn more about what it would mean to start the first campus ministry at his community college in Georgia. Those of us who share a burden for ministry to college students celebrate this kingdom progress. 

EveryCampus is a movement of like-minded organizations conspiring together with the Holy Spirit to instigate revival by catalyzing prayer and establishing gospel communities across the college campuses of the United States. EveryCampus is creating a wave of partnership and cooperation evidenced by prayer and the sharing of resources. This unity, generosity, and goodwill truly must be pleasing to our heavenly Father. We are increasingly operating like different divisions of the family business rather than like competitors in a marketplace.

Can you imagine Chi Alpha staff prayer walking campuses with friends from other churches and ministries? Sure—that makes sense. Can you imagine the Circuit Riders exploring new campuses while they are on their Carry the Love tours and passing along names of interested students to other campus ministries? It is happening right now. Can you imagine Cru staff joining InterVarsity staff to plant InterVarsity chapters? That sounds like something special is happening! In unprecedented ways, churches and ministries are bringing their campus ministry resources and offering to bless others.

Baseline data is still improving, but only about 45% of all college campuses in the United States have a known gospel movement. We have the ability not only to map out which campuses do and don’t have known gospel communities, but we can also identify which ministries are present at each of these campuses. This allows leaders to pray and plan with greater insight.

In Thailand, this kind of “mapping” is helping to accelerate great ministry activity. In the United States, this kind of mapping and collaboration is helping us to see students like Bradyn at a school that hasn’t typically been on any ministry’s priority list. EveryCampus is bringing those campuses and those students more clearly into our ministry vision.

Check out EveryCampus.com for prayer and launching resources. 

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