Testimony: Prayer Walking Warriors

Posted by Shelly Scott in Chi Alpha Connection and Student
What I love about the EveryCampus initiative and this vision is that no one ministry nor its staff can do it alone; this requires trust in the Lord, in one another across ministries, and in our students, and alumni! Andie, her friends from Pellissippi State, and a partnering student/staff from Dickinson College, one of the campuses they prayer walked between Knoxville and New York City. This vision pushed me pray for partners, and this fall, God called one of my…

Wave of Partnership

Posted by Dan Allan in Chi Alpha Connection
“I just talked to a live one!” When Ronnie told me this yesterday in the office, it felt like an invitation to ask more questions. Ronnie explained to me she had just talked to a 16-year-old student named Bradyn who is dual enrolled in high school and at his local community college. Bradyn wanted to learn more about what it would mean to start the first campus ministry at his community college in Georgia. Those of us who share a burden…

Kingdom Partners: Doing Together What We Couldn't on Our Own

Posted by Jon Hietbrink in Chi Alpha Connection
In the spring of 2017, the EveryCampus movement was born as an answer to the question, “What could we do together that we could never do on our own?” Over the last three years, we have had the privilege of watching God write a story that is more beautiful and multifaceted than anything we could have envisioned! From the early stages of the process, Chi Alpha has been a Kingdom partner and key contributor in the EveryCampus coalition. As one…

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