Effective Interpersonal Communication

Just because you can preach, doesn’t mean you communicate well face-to-face with the people that matter. Herein lies a wealth of amazing insights on the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of our communication habits and how to get right on the inside, so what comes to the outside breeds life.

Healthy Relationships

This is a major module, with loads of relevant, eye-opening wisdom and insight
covering 14 specific facets of creating healthy relationships in your own life and in those you serve.

Healthy Self Care

What “good” is a “Good Shepherd” if he hasn’t been “good” to himself, and he ends up flat on his back, with the sheep running amuck? Self Care is vital, whether it be in discipleship, ministry in general, or your own personal well-being. Be good to yourself!

Preventing Burnout

Life, Relationships & Ministry all have their elements of stress.(Tell me something I don’t know) However, when all 3 are at play, we need to have our guard up to stay clear of “burnout.” Identify the Signs, Learn about the Causes, and Discover How to Prevent or Treat the symptoms

The Guide to Being a Chi Alpha CareGiver

“The Guide” walks through the purpose, aim, nature, and protocols, of how we intend our “Chi Alpha CareGivers” to provide the kind of pastoral care and listening ear we desire to provide for our Chi Alpha affiliates across the nation, ensuring that we deliver on being a safe and confidential contact point for when our Chi Alpha people desire help in processing and sorting out the conflicts and unexpected conundrums of our lives in ministry.  If you are interested in serving as a voluntary Chi Alpha CareGiver in our network, first complete all the topic modules then complete “The Guide.”  Completion of these courses makes one “able” to become a Chi Alpha CareGiver, but does not make one “approved and appointed,” as that comes through area directors and DXADs.

Understanding Anxiety

To be honest, we all experience anxiety, but gaining insight into how it operates in us will provide you the strategies to live above any of its negative effects.

Understanding Depression

Feeling blue? A little bummed out? Down in the dumps? Or… Emotionally Comatose? Call it what you will… understanding the Biology, Symptoms, Causes & Treatments for Depression is a “MUST HAVE” Tool in your tool belt for campus ministry.

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