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XAi Leadership Intensive Training

Posted by Cynthia Dobbs in Chi Alpha Connection, Cross-Cultural Missions, Training, and XAi
The inaugural XAi Leadership Intensive Training (XAi LIT) launched successfully June 1, 2020. When COVID-19-related social distancing made the historic All Nations international student conference impossible, an online training that would inspire, empower, and train internationals was designed. This training ran over the course of six weeks with students attending online classes and weekly Bible studies where they gained experience in leading a Bible study. Each student was assigned a coach to help them navigate through the unique challenges faced…

Testimony: Every Tribe, Tongue, and Nation

Posted by Christina DiGirolamo in Chi Alpha Connection, Student, and XAi
Being a part of Chi Alpha allows me to be culturally enriched as I get to see many different attributes of God’s characteristics displayed through His people. It has given me the amazing opportunity to catch a glimpse of what Heaven will look like as I am able to meet students from different cultures and backgrounds. One of these students is Paola, who has and is still impacting my life. Being an international student from Ecuador, Paola was not taught good…

Welcoming the Nations into His Kingdom

Posted by Severin Lwali in Chi Alpha Connection, Cross-Cultural Missions, and XAi
When we become Christians, God welcomes us into His Kingdom and, through Scripture, invites us to duplicate that same welcome to people from all nations. In the Old Testament, God commanded Israel to reveal to all nations who He was by welcoming the foreigner in their midst. The New Testament brings into sharp focus the reason we welcome: we have been brought from a place of enmity with God into His family—a welcome provided by God through Jesus Christ. In…

Go, Give, Pray, and Welcome

Posted by E. Scott Martin in Chi Alpha Connection, Cross-Cultural Missions, Expeditions, feedONE, Student, and XAi
We reconcile students to Christ, equipping them through Spirit-Filled communities of prayer, worship, fellowship, discipleship, and mission to transform the university, the marketplace, and the world. This clarion call has served as the marching orders for Chi Alpha since 1993. Taking our mission statement seriously, we had to ask how we could aid this transformation by reconciling students to Christ. The nearly 22,000 Chi Alpha students represents a potential formidable global missionary force. To change this missionary force from potential…

Elizabeth's XAi Story

Posted by Brandon Cranor in XAi
I did not want to be a conversation partner. I really didn’t. Spending an hour with someone who had just come to this country and spoke broken English was a terrifying thought. I was afraid I wouldn’t know what to talk about. But Kim (my small group leader) had been encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone, so when Scott (our XAi director) asked me to help out, I said yes. I never knew I could learn, grow,…

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